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Only for Shopify. No registration. No credit card.

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Sally is the perfect customer service chatbot.

Your shoppers can chat with Sally 24/7, and ask any question regarding their orders.
Sally connects to your CRM and 450 carriers worldwide, in order to give your shoppers significant service, quickly & easily.

Automate Customer Service

24/7 high quality customer service via Messenger, Email or SMS.

Turn Loyalty to Upsales!

Keep your customers happy and convert their happiness into long-term relationship and upsales, automatically!

Close Tickets on Autopilot

Cut 80% off your after-sale interactions with automatic customer service, real time order status, automatic returns handling & upsale.

Plug & Play

So easy to install and get onboard,
and yet, so powerful to customize and grow with.

Sally Blog

Learn from Sally and us
How to improve your customer engagement