About Chaterr

Chaterr is a leading provider of chatbots for B2C companies. Chatter has gained vast experience in providing chatbots to leading companies worldwide, based on its proprietary chatbot platform.
Chaterr’s team has a long track record of providing real-time software platforms and applications to global B2C and B2B companies.

About SallyBot

Sally is a conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot platform for e-commerce merchants, dedicated to supporting the entire after-sale process and acting as a customer care employee.

Sally’s goal is to increase the number of sales made by each customer and decrease the time gap between sale actions, resulting in increased revenue. Therefore, Sally uniquely combines the worlds of customer support and personal retention, which are tightly tied together in improving customer loyalty and increasing lifetime value.

Sally supports customers throughout the entire after-sale process by coordinating logistics, providing complete customer support, pressed unique retention program, and performing personal-marketing to upsell and increase order frequency.
Sally leverages the inherent chatbot properties – constant availability, high speed, high efficiency – to provide better service to e-commerce customers.
Sally requires no installation and uses Facebook Messenger for communication.