5 FB Messenger tips for improving customers’ engagement

There are over 1.3 Billion people in the world who use Facebook Messenger, and that number is constantly increasing. One of Messenger’s main advantages is that it has a number of engaging features that can be used to optimize great customer experience. Learn how you can take advantage of them using the following tips:

Everyone loves images!

Images can be fun, engaging or informative in a way that words can’t. With Messenger, you can post unlimited numbers of photos, videos, and other types of media. Use Messenger’s large library of emojis, stickers, and GIFs to give your audience some fun and entertainment.

Sharing good spirits with animations!

Certain emojis, such as the heart, snowflake or balloon, cause the said emoji to fill the screen for a brief second. This can give a nice touch to any interaction, especially during a holiday promotion sale. Share the holiday spirit by sending snowflakes for Christmas or hearts for Valentine’s!

The emoji will pop up, as shown in the middle screen, for just one second before disappearing.

No need for Paypal!

Financial transactions can be carried out straight through Messenger. Instead of redirecting a customer to a payment service, or worse – asking them to fill out their credit card info, you can complete a payment interaction in less than a second. This is especially useful when promoting add-ons and related products to a customers’ cart, as the customer might not want to waste time paying for something less important than the original product. It’s a convenient feature for everyone, buyer and seller.

The recipient of this monetary request will be able to pay the due with only one click

Accessible to everyone, no FB account required – only internet access!

A misconception of Messenger is that it is a feature of Facebook, like a profile, and that you cannot use it without a Facebook account. Messenger is in fact owned by Facebook, but you can create a Messenger account without a Facebook. Anyone with internet access can use Messenger!

Engage your customers with games and marketing your store!

Messenger users play several games through the app, in different categories such as action, puzzle, trivia, and arcade. Games can be a fun way to engage customers and are easily used for marketing purposes. For example, you can give a prize to anyone that can win your game or beat a high score. If that doesn’t sound good, you can relate a game to the service you provide. The marketing possibilities are endless!

32% of all smartphone usage goes gaming, more than all social media apps combined. Even a very simple game can deeply engage a user.

With better use of Messenger, any retailer can grow their customer base and improve customer engagement. So what are you waiting for? Optimize your Messenger channel and reap the fruits straight away!

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