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Nadav Berger

5 Steps To Get a Positive And Helpful Feedback

Analytics and data give us all sorts of insights about what our customers want and need from our business, But don’t you wish you could get an answer directly from your customers?

We know you do. There’s a simple solution to this – Customer feedback.

In today’s marketing world, one of the most efficient ways to attract new customers is to have high product rating and multiple reviews. But that’s not the only utility you can produce from a feedback; Feedbacks can also help you keep track of your products’ quality and receive a constant performance review.

Here are 5 simple ways, which will not only raise your odds of getting a feedback but will also make your customers leave you a GOOD one:

Build the ultimate survey

In order to achieve important intel about your customer experience, you must create a survey that will lead them to provide you with relevant information regarding your product.

After building the content you wish your clients to deliver, you must make the survey as short as possible: Try to narrow it down to 4-5 questions that could be answered shortly, but not with fixed answers only: By inserting some open-ended questions, you are not restricting your clients into your own thoughts, and giving them a real shot to express their own perspective, and by doing so, achieving real insights about your product.

Ask for reviews

Sure, This one goes without saying, And yet, it is super important and tends to get swept under the rug: Tell your clients you want to hear what they have to say, and if possible, give them a quick explanation about the importance of their feedback, for both you and your product.

3. Put your platform in a place your client must visit

Having a structured process in which your client is facing a feedback box or any other platform during his purchase is imminent. People constantly think of ways to improve the product they (and the entire world) are using, and by providing them an accessible and effortless platform, they could easily express their thoughts about the product and their experience.

4.Respond (quickly) to bad feedbacks

Okay, so by now we have built the foundation to ensure the highest odds for getting a feedback, If the feedback is positive – we’re good. But in case it’s a negative one, there are two very important rules you should follow: The first is to respond as quickly as possible; People don’t like waiting, especially when they are not satisfied. The second rule is to respond privately: Responding publicly might get other unsatisfied customers to respond as well, not to talk about internet shaming… Keep it private, and try to gain as much info as you can in order to learn, and not make the same mistakes twice.

5.Zero to hero

You responded quickly to your unhappy client. At this point, most shop owners will try to minimize the damage, but you should look at bad feedback as an opportunity: By giving your client a personal, thoughtful and patient service, you can make their bad feedback turn into a good one, as well as transform them into a permanent customer – one that will tell his friends about how nicely you took care of them. SCORE!

Bottom line

A positive feedback has two main ingredients – providing your customers the most convenient and effective platform to express their thoughts on, and followed by giving them a personal and sympathetic treatment. By doing so, you will improve not only your customer feedbacks but also the product itself. Make it a standard practice, and the results will follow!

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