5 tips to boost customer service towards holidays season

Let me start by saying, a large number of customer interactions is a nice problem to have. In our world, customer interaction means they are into your offering, and the equation is simple – a lot of customer questions = a lot of sales. But in order to make every interaction count, and make every shopper a permanent one, some groundwork needs to be done.


1. Minimize customers’ effort

Customers should have to put in as little work as possible to get their questions answered. That’s why it’s so important to consider all the ways customers can interact with your brand. make sure you have customer service options in place to meet your customers where they desire to meet you. In E-commerce landscape, you can really navigate your customers to the easiest places for you to manage. It doesn’t matter if it’s FB messenger, E-mail or mobile, just make it simple for them to contact you on their favorite platform. Using your thank you page and order updates to allow your customers simpler interaction with you, can be very helpful in that manner.

2. Set up clear expectations

There’s nothing worse than being ignored. We have all had customers who go crazy if they have been ignored. They multiply their ASAP emails and write reviews all over the internet about how careless you are. This results in lost customers and potential prospects, and your business reputation is harmed. If you let people know when they should expect the answer from you, this will make the waiting easier for them. Set thoughtful but not arrogant timetable, and just think of yourself as a customer – any piece of information you would like to know (we are not talking about state secrets here), can be provided to your customers.

3. Simplify FAQs

Customers want to help themselves. 91% of online Shoppers say they would look for an answer in the FAQs page if it met their needs, according to Zendesk research. Let your customers look for answers to their questions themselves. Create an informative and searchable FAQs page. Invest in it. This kind of page provides instant answers and drastically improves your inbox health. Leading your customers to your FAQs through automatic Emails & Bots can be more compelling for your customers as well.

4. Use Answer Templates

Even if you have enough time, you can’t write a perfect email response each time.
The perfect response should include a nice intro, a detailed answer, probably a screenshot, further reading links to FAQs page, and a closing section. You already answered most of the questions before, so edit your answers and save them for later. If it doesn’t look as personal as you want, then use them as templates. Don’t automatically send an answer template, read the question carefully, and edit the script to answer the question correctly.

5.Seek feedback

Customer service is a two-way street. In addition to getting their questions answered, customers should have opportunities to share their feelings about your company and your customer service. To that end, consider sending out customer surveys, asking for feedback after purchases and/or customer service interactions and so on. Just as important: Really listen to what customers have to say. If customers repeatedly share similar sentiments in surveys and on social media and these sentiments go ignored, that’s not going to endear you to your clientele. But responding proactively and positively to customers’ experiences? That can make customers for life.


Customer service is never set in stone. Instead, it’s an evolving process that functions best when it’s tailored to each individual customer. Putting these pieces in place will provide you with the foundation you need to continue enhancing and refining a customer service program that nets you happy customers and boosts conversions in the process.

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