Customer Service Automation Best Practices

In today’s E-commerce landscape, customers have become both more tech aware and more demanding than ever. It’s clear that their foremost expectation is speed. Yet, SMBs find it hard to compete with the big players, that can afford 24/7 service. This is where customer service automation comes in.

When done right, automating customer service provides tremendous benefits to businesses, summing up to improvement in customer retention and revenue growth.

How Does Automated Customer Service Help My Business?

Optimize your process🤗 It’s no secret that most of your customers’ requests are recurring. Customer self-service resources, such as FAQs, and interactive knowledge bases, will allow customers to solve simple problems and answer common questions without needing the help of a live agent. These automated solutions allow human support representatives to address only more complex queries.

Cut support costs💰 providing good & sustainable support requires plenty of your resources. Customer service automation lets you operate convincingly and efficiently with a more compact team.

Improve wait times🤩 When customers get in touch with customer service, wait times are a giant deal-breakers. Customers would rather find another site to shop than wait. To shorten response times, you have two main options: either automate your support channels or hire more agents. The second choice is costly and time consuming. The first choice, however, reduces your response time to a minimum without decreasing your margins. Using automated customer service shows your customers you care for their time and even increases engagement.

Implementation😼 – If the automation of customer service processes were both easy to implement and risk-free, then everyone would be using them. That isn’t the case. There are several potential bumps in the road to a successful automation support funnel. Inaccurate configuration can damage your service reputation. It takes some know-how to implement automatic customer service correctly.

In order to keep your service reputation clean,  be sure to do the following:

Pick your battles – let the automation process take care of problems that are

simple and generic, until it is advanced enough to do more.

Test yourself – give your customers an accessible platform, via the automation tool, to provide feedback to the support process. The automated service can request reviews from the user.

Keep your live agents available – provide an easy way to reach your live agents. The extra savings and time freed-up by the automation can be reinvested in your human team!


No doubt those tips are only the tip of the iceberg, but every journey starts with just one step. Following those steps can make your employees happier, and increase significantly customer satisfaction. The route towards customer service automation is not always easy, but it is a highly important step for your business.

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