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Eyal Zeev

Customer Service Chatbot for Shopify: What’s going to change in 2019

How new technology and trends for customer service will change the Shopify landscape in the coming year.

Forbes: Chatbots are a top 5 trend to look for in 2019

According to Forbes, chatbots are a key trend going into 2019. E-commerce companies will be able to use this technology for various customer service and sales tasks. They include (but are not limited to) giving customers order info, policy FAQs, sales info, a virtual shopping assistant, and just friendly professional exchanges. It is worth stressing that chatbots are not meant to replace live customer service but to assist them.

The market for AI enabled customer service is substantially growing with a demand by retailers, expected to reach $5B in 2022.

If you don’t live under a rock you have probably already heard hype for AI and it’s amazing potential. What you may not have heard is how fast the AI market is growing. New technology expected to debut in 2019 will make AI profiling of customers more efficient and accurate than ever. Retailers will be more attracted to AI than ever going forwards and experts predict that the e-commerce AI market will reach $5 BILLION in 2022, only 3 years from now.

Machine learning can help create personalized online interfaces that make the most of consumers’ time.

Machine learning is an application of AI that determines what customers want without them specifying anything. For example, it can guess that based on the customer’s picture with a 5-year-old girl, said the customer is looking for toys that are meant for a girl that age. The machine learning can also base its word usage when interacting on the customer’s personality. It will say “amazeballs” instead of “great” when communicating to a hipster but not to an old person. The better this personalization is, the higher increases retailers see to sales. The technology is very new and already brands see a 10% rise in sales thanks to machine learning.

Mobile e-commerce is increasing in both amount and percentage

There are more people than ever shopping mobile and that trend is set to continue increasing. Mobile users are less patient than their online counterparts and are unlikely to complete an interaction if it lasts over a minute. As a retailer, you’ll need to adapt to your customers’ demands. An AI chatbot is a perfect way to quickly complete an interaction.


Chatbots are greatly improving customer engagement!

Chatbots focus on making it inviting for customers to engage with them, removing any possible burden. There are several features chatbots use to increase engagement with customers. The result speaks for itself: 75% of consumers prefer brands to personalize messaging, offers, and experiences with chatbots and AI.

Read more about the features that make AI chatbots engaging here:


Contacting customer support is a hassle, and most customers would rather waste time resolving an issue themselves.

This can be frustrating, especially when the customer is unable to solve the issue by themselves. Customers also report feeling judged or looked down on by live support, making it even more of a mental hassle. A chatbot solves this problem, making service easy and even inviting for the customer to contact.


Modern customers take issue with faults of traditional customer service.

As technology improves, customer expectation of service becomes higher and less forgiving of inconvenience. Some will even abandon a brand for a slowly responding online service or unavailable online service. There is a growing need to repair small flaws in customer service with the aid of automation. Chatbots are a great way to automatically engage customers effectively, professionally, and with haste.



In an Oracle survey of marketeers, 80% of the respondents have either implemented or plan to implement a chatbot.

Out of 800 retail marketing managers, 36% have already implemented a chatbot, 44% plan to implement it by 2020, and only 20% are disinterested. As more retailers look to buy chatbots, competition within the chatbot market will increase and new features will be added to chatbots. Keep an eye on the chatbot section of the Shopify

App Store to see what chatbots are already available.


Chatbots on Shopify to check out:

There are many chatbots already on the Shopify App Store, but below is a list of the most interesting and unique chatbots:

  1. Personalizer by LimeSpot – an eCommerce Conversion AI that helps online stores increase their revenue by delivering a unique Upsell, Cross-sell & personalized experience across different channels.

  2. Bargainator – At its core, the Bargainator is a chatbot. Basically, it’s an app powered by AI which conducts real-time conversations via textual methods with your customers. Designed to simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner, Bargainator is specifically engineered to let shoppers negotiate a discount!

  3. AdScale – AdScale powerful Machine Learning app handles every aspect of your paid marketing campaigns, from campaigns creation to optimizing conversions and reducing advertising costs.

  4. Visual Search by Shopix – Visual search is a more natural way to discover products on your store. It’s a reverse image search, meaning your customers can upload an image that inspires them and get visually similar items from your catalog of products.

  5. Gobot – Gobot chatbots are personalized shopping assistants helping consumers find deals, make purchases, make style choices, and find products that meet their unique taste.

  6. SallyBot – Automated and AI-based customer service chatbot that handles all the after-sale aspects including WISMO dynamic answer and push notifications shipping alerts by integration with over 500 carriers, returns, FAQs, live agent escalations, feedback & reviews, and resell using coupons and store credit.

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