Going Big? Call Sally!

Well, this article is basically our 6-months celebration on the Shopify app store!  Sally has been growing constantly, and we want to share our new product updates and launching our awesome new offering for high volume eCommerce businesses: SuperSally. Before we move to our new & special features, let us sum up Sally’s 2019’s numbers.

Sally by the numbers

Well, this is the data era. The best way for us to show you Sally’s value is by providing stats from the last few months.

    • Close tickets on autopilot – 83% of Sally automated conversations, were successful(no human intervention was needed).
    • Long term customer relationship – The average of conversations per Sally user is 2.7 (which means customers can’t get enough of Sally :)).
    • Turn customer support to customer retention – 11% of Sally users left feedback for store performance and 12% of Sally users were interested in the store’s coupons & hot deals.

We can do it all day, but it seems like the picture is quite clear: Sally is not only solving support queries quickly & easily but also utilizing & encouraging more business activity.

So our plug & play product is live and productive, but this article isn’t about showing off. We want to present to you our new product capabilities, dedicated to serving heavy traffic online eCommerce businesses. But before, a short reminder of the value Sally can instantly provide your store.

Sally’s Key benefits

    • Immediate Response -Sally Provides live order tracking and answers your storeʼs FAQs automatically.
    • Proactive Follow-Up -Sally sends personal messages to your shoppers to ensure shipment closure.  
    • Customer support turned simple – Sally can engage with your shoppers on your ʻthank youʼ page, ʻcontact usʼ page, and your shopʼs Messenger!

This is what we had so far. Now, let me represent you our new awesome offering for high volume stores.

The New & Awesome SuperSally

Each SuperSally store will also get a special ‘Merchant Succes Manager’. Like Shopify Plus, SuperSally stores will have a dedicated tech leader from our team to optimize Sally performance this store. This optimization including but not limited to:

    1. Re-edit – the conversation flow and logic.
    2. Re-brand – Sally according to store tune & voice.
    3. Check analytics – and conversation logs.
    4. Handel the integrations – between Sally and the shop 3rd party apps.
    5. Sally road-map – will be attentive to the store special needs.

On top of the MSM special services, SuperSally comes with some great tech features for high-volume stores:

    1. Zendesk Deep Integration – Sally is the first virtual Zendesk agent, assigning herself relevant tickets and closes them on autopilot! Merchant can follow Sally performance via Zendesk reports since Sally reports all the chat activity to Zendesk. We all support FreshDesk and Gorgias soon.
    2. Messenger List Rating – Sally segments your Messenger list, enable you to contact them simply & personally while also enabling you to optimize your ʻlook-a-likeʼs on FB ads with your creme the la creme customers.
    3. WhatsApp Bot – The first e-commerce chatbot on WhatsApp! Same Sally, different platform.
    4. Proactive Follow-Up – Sally sends personal messages to your shoppers to ensure shipment closure.
    5. Multi-lingual – Sally talk in many langugaes, according to the store market.
    6. Private Facebook page – Sally can run from the store FB page.


Sounds tempting, Right? Now It’s time to schedule a phone call and see those promises come to live :).

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