How to max your re-engagement probability

People prefer familiarity, and if they get a good service they are very likely to become loyal customers. But how can you assure your customer service is up to par? Here are four key components to check when assessing your customer service:


Personalization- A key aspect of retail is defining and targeting an audience. Hipsters will not respond to “this product is great” the way they do to “this product is amazeballs”, even if the meaning is the same. Everyone has their own preferred words, features, and ascetics. Understanding this is the bread and butter of marketing. It’s up to you to engage with your target audience in a way that fosters trust and a good customer experience.


Use packaging and add small, extra features to maximize appeal to certain demographics. Dollar Shave Club knows hipster men love said-no-one-ever quotes!

Customer feedback- Make it as easy as possible for customers to ask questions and complain about mismanaged services. By giving customers a platform to ventilate, you can avoid unfavorable reviews while also giving yourself an opportunity to improve service or product. Remember, no service is born perfect, but only those who self-improve will become better.


Annoyed customers need to feel that someone is listening to them, and the best way to pacify them is by addressing their concerns and showing that you care.


Website layout: To a customer, a website can seem either like a map or like a maze. Every second wasted on trying to get a specific service is another second of frustration, so be sure to make your website as clear and navigable as possible. It may be helpful to categorize your many services into a few categories which will feature on your website’s homepage.


Craigslist is so packed with information it takes at least a few seconds to find what you are looking for. Don’t be like Craigslist.

Website UX- A website design has to have the user experience, or UX, in mind to be readable.  The Website has to strategically direct the human eye on where to go. Otherwise, the user gets lost, making for an unpleasant UX. It is worth emphasizing that even if you have very clear hotkeys, the user will still have to force him or herself to see them if there is a distracting or unpleasant background. Thus, it is important to make a website look as slick and professional as possible using the appropriate color, background design, and layout.


Wix’s website is both beautiful and well designed. The first thing you see is the pitch, then a “Get Started” button, and then a toolbar neatly categorizing any information you may want.


Sometimes simplicity wins! Google’s plain white background shifts all the attention to the logo and the search bar. The colorful logo and tucked to the corner toolbar also maximize this effect. It’s no coincidence Google is the world’s most successful search engine!

Social media- Use social media platforms to talk to your fans and gain new ones. Whether you use your account to promote sales or build a likable presence, just seeing a post from you will remind customers that you exist. It is essentially free advertising.


You can interact with individual fans no matter how big or small you are.


Maintain a positive relationship with customers by adding an extra comment to increase cute factor.


Keep in mind the dozens of social media websites and their uses- with Instagram you can share fun photos and stories, with Twitter you can garner reputation by responding to others, with YouTube you can share what your company is about and perhaps make a video so watchable it goes “viral”, with Pinterest you can share your website alongside eye-catching images. There are many social different media sites each with different uses and demographics so make sure you are using the right media for the right audience.


Start a video series relating to your product! YouTube is a criminally underrated way to attract new fans. Jump on this trend of corporate web shows before it becomes a bandwagon!

Be creative! There are all sorts of ways to interact on social media! Sometimes there are better ways to get people to recognize your brand than a conventional ad.


Teens think Denny’s tumblr posts are hilarious and share the posts, spreading the laughs to their friends. This is an amazing use of social media by Denny’s marketing team.

Applying these simple tips will boost your shop’s engagement and allow you to better communicate with your customers. Online shoppers have higher expectations than ever and it’s extremely important not to fall behind as competitors broaden their customer service and PR.


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