New Integration: SallyBot & GiftWizard

We are excited to launch SallyBot & Giftwizard integration!

Sally can automatically close more than 60% of your support tickets, and prepares the ground for resale activity, while Giftwizard gamifies & increases resale probability.

Key integration benefits:

    • Throughout the conversation, Sally tags VIP and frustrated customers, helping you target them via GiftWizard’s WorkFlow. 
    •  Sally sends GiftWizard’s server a request to receive appropriate Store Credit and grants the Store Credit to the tagged customers. 
    •  Sally continuously checks GiftWizard customers’ Store Credit usage, and automatically sends push notifications to customers to encourage use. 
    If you’ve been looking for ways to incentivize your customers to return and create much more resale activity (which we know you do 😜) – this combo is the one for you. And most importantly – make sure your shoppers leave with a smile, only to return again.

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Well, this article is basically our 6-months celebration on the Shopify app store!  Sally has been growing constantly, and we want to share

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