What’s a Chatbot anyway?

A chatbot is a type of software, designed to generate a specific task using a simulated conversation. A machine is used to pick up and mimic the human conversation and respond with text prompts as a way to deliver its service.

The primary method in designing a chatbot is creating the structure of the conversation; this is the most critical part of your bot design because you need to make sure that your users will have a satisfying and hassle-free experience whether they may be used for self-service options or professional services.


What is a GOOD Chatbot?

Chatbot should use two professions – UI and UX. Both User Interface Design and User Experience Design have a professional relationship but they have different roles:

Conversational UI is a communication system with the primary purpose to systematically delivering informative messages about the product in a friendly manner. If this is fully established, customers will get a human-like conversation with the chatbot, giving it more complex responsibilities. It visualizes and introduces the product relatively to enhance the customer’s satisfaction.

Conversational UX, on the other hand, is more technical and analytical. It aims to enhance customers’ satisfaction through the improvement of its usability, convenient and hassle-free usage, and a satisfying interaction between the product and the customer. It addresses how the customer feels while using the system.

Good experience determined by the amount of work invested in UX and UI and not through conversion rates, bounce rates or page views. The design must be tailored to the production process, products on the website, values, and goals. It is the efficiency and user-friendliness that counts; To ensure the achievement of the goal – providing the best customer experience through a holistic communication, a good UI and UX must be created on chatbot conversation.


Why Facebook Messenger Platform?

Every month, millions of individuals all over the world are communicating with families and friends on messenger. Good thing is that the messenger platform has been created to meet people’s communication needs and the developers of this platform have been exploring what individuals can do with FB Messenger. Part of the effort is partnering with businesses to build deeper connections and interactions with customers and users of messenger in a manner that is convenient, delightful and contextual with proper control on its core.

Facebook Messenger Platform was launched and introduced as a new tool to help individuals build their chatbots and reach millions or even billions of people all over the world. Now days, individuals no longer need to download applications just to interact with a business. Simply build your own chatbot and reach people instantly regardless of what platform or device they use.


How does it work?

Facebook now permit businesses to provide automated e-commerce guidance, customer support, and interactive experiences via chatbots. By delivering this utility via its big business ecosystem and developers, Facebook can now boost loyalty with its Messenger platform and keep up with chatbot competitors.

With chatbots becoming more and more popular,  things will now become easier,  faster and more convenient. Taking for instance, now you can order flowers by simply sending a message to a  chatbot with the name of your friend and you will immediately be sent with daily stories or daily digest which perfectly match your interests and the option to skip subjects or topics that you really do not care about. With natural language processing (NLP) combined with some human help, individuals will be able to talk to messenger bots similar to the way you converse with your friends.

Through the send or receive API of  messenger platform, bots can actually send text and able to respond with some structure messages which include links, images as well as call to action special buttons. These  would allow users plethora of things like making reservation at  a chosen restaurant, reviewing ecommerce orders and much more. Another important and unique feature of Messenger Platform  is that it allows individuals to create their own bots.

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