Sally is the perfect customer service chatbot.

Your shoppers can chat with Sally 24/7, and ask any question regarding their orders.
Sally connects to your CRM and 450 carriers worldwide, in order to give your shoppers significant service, quickly & easily.

Automate Customer Service

24/7 high quality customer service via Messenger, Email or SMS.

Turn Loyalty to Upsales!

Keep your customers happy and convert their happiness into long-term relationship and upsales, automatically!

Close Tickets on Autopilot

Cut 80% off your after-sale interactions with automatic customer service, real time order status, automatic returns handling & upsale.

Minimize support overhead. Maximize customer engagement.

Sally supports your customers throughout the entire after-sale process by coordinating logistics, providing extensive and friendly customer support, and keeping your customers engaged and happy. She uses advanced marketing automation capabilities to upsell and increase order frequency.

Sally grows your revenue by bringing your customers back. Her goal is to increase the number of sales transactions, and decrease the time gap between sale actions. How does she do that? Simply by keeping your customers happy.

Increasing lifetime value

Sally uniquely combines the worlds of customer support and personal marketing, which are tightly tied together in improving customer loyalty and increasing lifetime value.

As an e-commerce merchant, you invest a lot of hard work to bring in new customers and increase order value. Yet, research shows that revenue growth is generated mainly by generating more transactions rather than increasing order value and that you will more likely sell to an existing customer rather than a new one.

Try Sally for free!

Install Sally on a Shopify store is the easiest task you have to do today. Give Sally a try, and check her performance after 48 hours.

You work hard to bring In new customers, let sally make sure they come back.