Shopping Technology Trends for 2019:
Customer Service, AI, & Chatbots and How You Can Leverage Them in The Shopify Landscape

How new technology and trends for customer service will change the Shopify landscape in the coming year.

Five digital marketing trends to watch in 2019

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)   |   2. Chatbots   |   3. Smart Speakers And Audio
4. Local Influencer Marketing   |   5. Live Video

Chatbots are a top trend to look for in 2019!

Chatbots can reduce service time fivefold and substantially save operating expenses, making them a no-brainer for retailers. Chatbots are estimated to save businesses $8 billion (!) by 2022.
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Spending by retailers on AI is expected to reach $5 billion by 2022

AI Customer Service is Here

In the upcoming year significant innovations and improvements will be made in AI-based chatbots due to new technology debuting in 2019. These new capabilities will greatly improve customer service effectiveness of AI-based solutions.
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Brands that use personalization see sales rise by up to 10%

AI Increases Sales

AI can help create personalized online interfaces that make the most of consumers’ time.
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Mobile E-Commerce is Increasing

Mobile users need fast interactions

Mobile users have less patience than their online peers and are unlikely to continue an interaction if it lasts more than a minute. This makes a fast and personalized AI customer service a growing necessity.
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80% of consumers typically try to resolve an issue before contacting customer service

Replace Self Service with Customer Service Chatbots

Contacting customer service is a hassle, and most customers would rather waste time resolving an issue themselves. A chatbot eliminates this problem, making service easy and even inviting for the customer to contact.
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80% of sales and marketing leaders will use chatbots in their CX by 2020

Chatbots are here!

In an Oracle survey of 800 retail marketers, 80% of the respondents either already implemented or have plans to implement a chatbot.
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of online shoppers need assistance to complete an order

Quick Shopping Assistance

An overwhelming 83% of online shoppers need assistance to complete an order, and 75% of them expect help within 5 minutes.
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of consumers prefer brands to personalize messaging, offers, and experiences

Personalized Experience

With AI, the more a person interacts, the better and more personalized the experience. It’s a self-reinforcing cycle.
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of transactions involved two or more devices

Cross Devices

Customers need to have a consistent experience across devices. 41% of transactions involved two or more devices.
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of Gen Y&Z will stop using a service due to slow online chat response

Fast Response

Gen Y and Gen Z share some of the same brand expectations, with digital experiences important to both. But Gen Zers are more likely to drop brands for slow responsiveness in online customer-service chats.
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of Gen Y&Z will stop using a service when it is only available via phone or in person

Prefer to Chat

One difference which probably doesn’t come as a surprise is that members of Gen Y&Z are less comfortable talking to people on the phone.
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