Sally’s Tracking

System (STS)

Now Available in SDK

Add to your app or website


250M Trackings

We track tons of packages


93% Coverage

We found almost every package


Shipping Predication

We predict ETA & chance for delay

Many Use-Cases for Extra Touchpoints

Turn Tracking to Marketing

Send Sally a tracking code, and receive real-time shipping info + marketing recommendation.
Leverage Sally’s engine to turn tracking to revenue.

Answer WISMO in 2 sec, via any chatbot, message or web-page

Reduce shopper stress by adding estimation time to any status update

Send status updates that lead to marketing activities

Send alerts before a delay, and make up the shopper with cashback for re-purchase

Verify successful delivery in real-time and collect feedback

We are open-minded for add any AI-Marketing idea on top of the tracking info


Sally’s AI Layers

Sally answers any tracking request with three valuable layers:

  • RealTime Shipping Layer
    Aggregated and structured shipping data that provides shipping status, package location, and shipping company.

  • AI Shipping Layer
    Combination of the RealTime Shipping Layer with tracking history data that provides expected delivery time and probability for delays.

  • AI Marketing Layer
    Automatic analysis of the shipping layers with shoppers activities like purchases, feedbacks, engagements etc., that provides shopper data (like LTV, AOV and customer rating), additional shopper touch-point ideas (message types) and marketing tools (like code-coupons, hot-deals, and product recommendations).

Sally’s Tracking System Vs. After Ship (and so)

  • We are building for developers, so will provide you with the simplest rest API, and the directories for the programming language you love.
  • Our AI Shipping layer will provide you with expected delivery time and probability for delays

  • The AI Marketing layer will provide you with shopper data + more shopper touch-points + ready-to-use marketing tools.

Join the D2C revolution

The D2C revolution occurs when merchants adopt a 360 degree perception of their business – from manufacturing and selling the products, to support and retaining their shoppers.
The shipping process and the delivery action are two big pieces of this brand-new 360 degrees perception.