The new customer service experience

Sally defines a new relationship experience between online merchants and buyers. She is constantly available, and reacts with high speed and high efficiency, providing customers with whatever they need, whenever they need it. Everything is done instantly and automatically eliminating the need to wait.

Communication with Sally is easy and fun, and is done using free language. Sally requires no application installation and is the customers’ preferred communication channel.

How does Sally work?

Talking to Sally is as easy as chatting with a friend, thanks to its Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. Sally understands free language, and uses built-in menus for better communication. This means she can chat with your customers in their daily language, share photos, menus and choices, and conduct a smooth flow of conversation.

Your ultimate customer service virtual assistant

Sally will take care of your customers’ hapiness starting with order confirmation, through all aspects of customer support, and personal marketing activities. With Sally you can focus on customer acquisition. She will take care of all the rest.

customers easily receive confirmations and documents on the spot

customers can coordinate shipping and automatically receive alerts concerning the shipping process

automatically provide friendly and short satisfaction surveys to your customers so you can improve your service

let your customers quickly and easily provide social reviews

automatic and rapid management of the entire return process

high responsiveness and constant availability

provide your customers with personalized sales and coupons, special offers and marketing campaigns

Plug&Play FB Messenger chatbot

Sally has extensions and applications to the leading e-commerce platforms, which enables you to connect her to your website with only a few clicks. If your website is not built on one of the supported platforms, Sally provides a simple API to connect to any e-commerce website.

sally product flow

No more “support” and “marketing”, put your customer in the center, and call it “customer service”