Sally's Price List

From small to scale, choose the plan you love!

Sally ToGo

Up to 200 monthly orders
  • Live tracking tool
  • Re-Sale activity
  • 360 Customer Engagement​

Sally Basic

Up to 500 monthly orders​
  • Live tracking tool​
  • Re-Sale activity​
  • 360 Customer Engagement
  • Brand it 4U

Sally Pro

Up to 2,000 monthly orders​​
  • Live tracking tool​
  • Re-Sale activity​
  • 360 Customer Engagement​
  • Brand it 4U

Super Sally

For Enterprises
  • - Full Features -
  • Merchant Success Manager
  • WhatsApp Bot
  • Private Facebook page
  • Zendesk Integration
  • Magento Integration

Full Feature Table

Which plan is suitable for your shop?

Sally Togo Basic & Pro Super Sally
WW Tracking System:
Where is my order?
Order confirmation
Tracking number
Re-Sale & Marketing
Coupons & hot deals
Store credit
Push campaigns
360 Support
Live agent escalation
Change order
Feedback & Review
Brand it 4U
Private Facebook Page

Full Feature List

What do these features do?

Customers can actively check shipping status 24/7 and automatically receive notifications regarding the shipping process. Notifications can be sent through email, SMS or Messenger, while considering customer time zone. SallyBot is connected to over 500 carriers. The seller only has to insert the package’s tracking number into his/her CRM and Sally will track the package automatically.

Customers can receive order confirmations and documents on the spot simply by asking the chatbot for them. 

Customers can receive their package tracking number and URL on the spot simply by asking the chatbot for it. Typically they would not need it, as Sally provides them with this info.

Provide your customers with personalized sales and coupons, special offers and marketing campaigns. The sellers can set which offers they would like to propose and Sally will engage the customers to get them back to the shop.

Use store credit to engage shoppers to buy again, or to provide them with compensation. Sally will provide the store credit to the relevant shoppers, powered by GiftWizard.

Let Sally become the first line of your customer-facing efforts – for both support and marketing. Every customer who talks with Sally automatically joins your Messenger list. Now you can easily send them any campaign via SallyBot.

Sally will automatically open a “contact us” form in any conversation that requires live agent escalation. These forms categorize the subjects of the request and can be received through email or through your ticketing system, and contain all customer details.

Any “change order” request will be automatically sent to a live agent. The requests can be received through email or through your ticketing system, and contain all customer details.

Automatic answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Sally has a list of the 10 FAQs and requires you to insert your answers, which will then be provided automatically to the shoppers.

Automatically provide short & friendly satisfaction surveys to your shoppers, that will help you improve your service. 

Positive feedbacks automatically ask your shoppers to share them on social networks and provide their review, while negative ones send automatic notifications to a live agent. 

Sally can be designed to suit your brand and use your brand colors and pictures. This way your shoppers will keep meeting your brand even after the actual purchasing process is over.

Sally communicates with shoppers through her Facebook page, but customers in “Super Sally” plan can have Sally communicate through their own shop’s Facebook page.

Talking to Sally is as easy as chatting with a friend, thanks to its Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. Sally understands free language, and uses built-in menus for better communication. This means she can chat with your customers in their daily language, share photos, menus and choices, and conduct a smooth flow of conversation.