When GiftWizard Met Sally

AI-Based Automatic Retention

Messenger List

Sally automatically sends shoppers notifications after their purchase in order to increase engagement and enlarge your Messenger list.

Customer Tagging

Throughout the conversation Sally tags VIP and frustrated customers.

Store Credit Issue

Sally sends GiftWizard server a request to receive appropriate store credit, and grants the store credit to the tagged customers.

Store Credit Usage

Sally continuously checks with GiftWizard store credit usage, and automatically sends push notifications to customers to encourage use.

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About SallyBot

Sally is the perfect customer service chatbot.
Your shoppers can chat with Sally 24/7, and ask any question regarding their orders. Sally connects to your CRM and 600 carriers worldwide, in order to give your shoppers significant service, quickly & easily.

About GiftWizard

Taking Gift Cards to the Next Level.
GiftWizard provides your online store with everything you need to manage the sales, marketing and distribution of superior Gift Cards and eGifts.

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